Suggest Packing list for the climb


✓ The pack that the porters carry is limited to 15 kg (35 pounds)
✓ Store electronics in sealed water-proof bags (double sealed if possible)
✓ Wrap clothing in plastic bags
✓ In the day pack, take along water, camera, binoculars, rain pants and jacket at a minimum. Add any other items you might need during the day because you may not see the porters until the end of your trek for that day.


✓ Be sure to break in your shoes before the hike.
✓ Take trekking shoes for hiking during the day, preferably warm (leather), waterproof, and with ankle-support
✓ Take tennis shoes or sandals for lounging in the evening
✓ Gaitors
✓ Hiking socks
✓ Wool socks


✓ Your inner layer should be warm therefore preferably no cotton. Next layer should be insulating and warm, and the top layer should be water proof but breathable. Kilimanjaro may be on the equator, but the temperature can drop drastically. We recommend that you wear shorts for first and last and pants for hiking and for lounging in the evenings
✓ Short-sleeved t-shirts for first and last day only
✓ Long-sleeved shirts for hiking and for lounging in the evenings
✓ Long underwear
✓ Fleece jacket or wool sweater
✓ Fleece pants
✓ Down jacket
✓ Rain jacket, needed in hot rainforest and cold snow
✓ Rain pants, needed in hot rainforest and cold snow
✓ Underwear
✓ Sport bras for women

Cold Weather

✓ Warm mittens and/or gloves (waterproof)
✓ Wool or pile hat
✓ Balaclava or neck gaitor