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Kenya Safari
Kenya is a magical country dating back to the time of early man. Over the years, Kenya’s close proximity to the sea brought influences from around the world, including the spice trade, which brought about a unique coastal culture. The coast also brought European influences and colonization, which created turbulent struggles for control that still linger today. The first explorers discovered a land of great beauty in Kenya; their adventures created by far the most unique of all the British colonies.
Balancing on the equator and stretching from the Indian Ocean in the south to the rift valley in the north, Kenya’s beauty is vast and exceptional. Kenya is home to more than 40 different tribes, each with its own dialect and traditions. Rich cultures and histories are especially alive within the Mara region, where day trips to villages can be arranged by East Africa Wild Adventures to give you the chance to have fascinating encounters and learning experiences within the local tribes.
Kenya’s popularity as a safari destination is based largely on the fact that the infrastructure has had time to develop over the last 60 years. As a result, Kenya boasts some of the best camps and lodges in all of Africa.