Before choosing (booking) the right Safari, you may have some initial queries that require an answer. We hope that the answers below, to some of the most frequently asked questions, will clarify things for you.

Before your trip, you should make sure you have travel insurance. We also have a number of options available and will give you all the options when you book.
Mobile phones
You have two choices:
1) buy a cheap phone when you land and pick up a local sim card (readily available at any kiosk). They only cost a couple bucks and you can buy phone credit as needed.
2) bring your own un locked cell and install a local sim. Just be wary of cell-phone envy- those who are admiring your fancy cell phone might just run off with it
It depends. Don’t be afraid to try local favourites (for example “chips-mayai” in Tanzania is my late-night go-to –literally meaning “fries-eggs”). However, trust your gut on this one. If you are a frequenter of more exotic cuisine, you should definitely give it a shot.
Drink a lot, especially since you will sweat profusely in the heat and humidity of East Africa. We recommend bottled water, but no judgement on your drink of choice.
You can purchase Visa’s for entry to East Africa Countries at the port of entry as long as you’re European or North American. If you’re not, contact me and I will let you know.
Mosquitos are annoying and can ruin your entire night just by buzzing in your ear (or biting you 25 times on your backside). These insects are truly satanic; feel free to send them back to hell with a can of Doom (insect spray). Also, spray the entire room before you go for dinner and cover your bed with a mosquito net (typically they are provided). That should do the trick. If not, you can smash them into the wall with your hands, passport, clothes, or any other “weapon” you can think of. If it does not work initially — keep trying: determination is key here.
Malaria and Yellow Fever
All countries in East Africa are Malaria areas. Malaria is a potentially fatal disease. Please ensure that you have consulted your doctor as to what prophylactics you should take for that particular country since there are many different strains of Malaria. Also, please consult your doctor or travel clinic as to which vaccinations you should get before your trip. Yellow Fever is a mandatory one; don’t forget to bring proof of your vaccination, as some East African countries will require you to show it upon arrival.
Be smart. Don’t wear jewelry that you would wear to a fancy party. There is no need for flash on safari (except maybe some great safari outfits). Don’t carry too much cash and make sure your passport is close to you at all times. Use the safes provided in hotels/camps/lodges, and generally be vigilant. You are in a completely new place, after all.
Packing can be an interesting experience as much of the time, people bring stuff they don’t need, and don’t bring stuff they actually need. Here is some help:
- Layers: at times on safari, it can be very cool in the early mornings and late nights, and hot during the day. To be most comfortable, pack many light layers.
-Binoculars. Some companies will provide them, but there’s no harm in having your own.
-Camera with a zoom/wide angle lens + plenty of camera film, spare memory sticks for digital cameras and spare batteries for video cam. **Even if you forget everything else, don’t forget your camera.
-Comfortable walking shoes.
-Insect repellent (Doom or other).
-Khaki, brown or beige colors are recommended to wear during a game drive/walk because white and bright increase your visibility to the animals (think “safari theme”)
-Long trousers.
-Shorts/skirts and t-shirts for daytime.
-Sun block & lip balm.
-Wide brimmed hat.
-Bathing suits (if your lodge has a pool in the middle of the Serengeti, you definitely don’t want to forget this item).

If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.